Annual Closure of Canadian Coast Guard Seasonal Search and Rescue Bases

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November 23, 2018
Quebec, Quebec
Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard will proceed with the annual closure of its seasonal search and rescue bases in Québec, Tadoussac, Kegaska, Rivière-au-Renard and Havre-Saint-Pierre around November 24, 2018. The Cap-aux-Meules base will close on December 30, 2018.

The Canadian Coast Guard’s seasonal bases are strategically located to provide rapid assistance and to minimize the risk of injury or loss of life and to reduce the number and severity of maritime incidents and risks to the environment.

The bases’ activities start in April, before boating season begins, and end in December. Once winter sets in, the Canadian Coast Guard’s rescue boats can no longer be used in the prevailing navigation conditions in the St. Lawrence River and Gulf, which include freezing spray and ice.

During the winter, the Canadian Coast Guard mainly uses its icebreakers and, if necessary, any other vessels of opportunity. Coast Guard has search and rescue partnerships with other government departments, such as the Department of National Defence, who provide air support when necessary.

Search and rescue calls can be made to the Canadian Coast Guard at all times at 1-800-463-4393 or through channel 16 on VHF radios.

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