Councilors thank first responders for their bravery

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The professionalism and skill of first responders allowed the South Boston Fire Companies to navigate down a tight street lined with vehicles and pedestrians. These firefighters encountered intense heat and a large volume of fire at the scene. They ran inside and rescued a woman trapped on the porch of the third floor, while fire alarm operator Lisa Gregorio stayed on the phone with her and kept her calm the entire time. One firefighter removed his air mask and gave it to the woman to wear as he carried her down two flights of stairs and out of the burning building.

Five people were injured, including three firefighters who risked their lives to save those trapped inside and contain the blaze.

Boston’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were able to quickly treat residents suffering from smoke inhalation. They rushed both the residents and firefighters to the hospital.

The Boston Police were on the scene in record time as well. They secured streets, controlled the gathering crowds, and provided assistance for both Boston Fire and EMS.

During a Council meeting held on August 1, 2018, Councilor Flynn recognized our City’s first responders for their bravery, hard work and commitment to the selfless action they take every day.

“With little fanfare, our first responders work hard every day to keep the residents of Boston safe,” he said. “They place themselves in danger to protect our City and save lives. On what could have been a tragic night for our City, they showcased the bravery, skill and professionalism that our first responders provide to the residents of Boston. We are thankful to have them looking out for us and protecting us in times of need.”