Secretary Zinke’s Schedule September 8 – September 14

Saturday, September 8

  • Briefing on Volcanic Eruption Response (Hilo, HI)
  • Survey of LERZ and Volcano Summit (Hilo, HI)
  • NPS and USGS Briefings at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (Volcano, HI)

Sunday, September 9                

  • Breakfast with General Fenton (Honolulu, HI)

Monday, September 10

  • Briefing on New Mexico Water Issues (DC)
  • Briefing on BLM Issues (DC)
  • Meeting with Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt (DC)
  • Daily Communications & Scheduling Meeting (DC)

Tuesday, September 11

  • Flight 93 September 11 Memorial Service (Stoystown, PA)
  • Cabinet Meeting on Hurricane Response  (DC)
  • Daily Communications & Scheduling Meeting (DC)
  • Call with Rep. McClintock (DC)
  • Call with Rep. Wittman (DC)
  • Interview: Larry O’Connor Show on WMAL (DC)
  • Interview: KDKA1020 (DC)
  • Call with Rep. LaMalfa (DC)

Wednesday, September 12

  • Daily Communications & Scheduling Meeting (DC)
  • Monthly Meeting with Assistant Secretaries, Directors & Advisors (DC)
  • Meeting with Rep. Cheney (DC)
  • Call with Chairman Bishop (DC)
  • Call with White House Legislative Affairs (DC)
  • Call with Rep. Denham (DC)
  • Call with Rep. Westerman (DC)
  • Call with Rep. Gohmert (DC)
  • Daily Meeting with the Chief of Staff Scott Hommel (DC)
  • Check in with IT (DC)
  • Meeting with David Vela (DC)
  • Meeting with API (DC)
  • Reception in Honor of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients (DC)

Thursday, September 13

  • Daily Communications & Scheduling Meeting (DC)
  • Call with Rep. Gosar (DC)
  • 90 Day Scheduling Review Meeting (DC)
  • Interview: ABC (DC)
  • Weekly Meeting with Ethics (DC)
  • Meeting with Director of the Office of Policy Analysis Gregg Renkes (DC)
  • Daily Meeting with the Chief of Staff Scott Hommel (DC)
  • Meeting with Senior Adviser for Water and Western Resource Issues Alan Mikkelsen (DC)
  • Monthly meeting with Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Tara Sweeney (DC)
  • Monthly Meeting Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Joe Balash (DC)
  • Call with Gov. Bergman (DC)

Friday, September 14

  • Meeting with General Kelly (DC)
  • Daily Communications & Scheduling Meeting (DC)
  • Briefing with the Office of Civil Rights (DC)
  • Call with Melani Walton
  • Prep for Meeting with White House Domestic Policy Counsel
  • Presentation of the Sunset Parade Book
  • Weekly Meeting with White House Liaison Lori Mashburn
  • Weekly Meeting with Principal Deputy Solicitor Dan Jorjani
  • Daily Meeting with the Chief of Staff Scott Hommel