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USPress.News offers “Direct Source News”

Relevant News Direct From The Sources.  News As It Was Intended To Be Reported

A comprehensive collection of direct news sources aggregated press releases from federal, state, local and foreign government offices creating a perfect source for journalists, students and news addicts.  Our aggregated content if used by news media.

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USPress.News aggregates news and provides links to the top leading news sources like federal, state agencies, bureaus, commissions and associations, and foreign governments that are closely related to leading news sources.  Just news direct from the source as it was intended to be presented.

Our news sources are the same monitored by major media companies to discover news stories.  Our site is designed for those that want timely news provided direct from the source rather than relying on the news media to decide what is “news worthy” and how to present it to their audience.  It is no secret that bias exist.

There is much debate and concern about how news is presented and whether there are attempts to manipulate the information.  The answer is obvious!  Watch the two major news channels about the same news story and you will see two polar opposite perceptions being presented to the public.  Is it manipulation or just different perspectives?

We aggregate news in our blog from hundreds of RSS feeds and offer hundreds of links direct to the news sources. 

If we do not aggregate the source, it’s due to the source not providing a feed, but we provide easy access using hyperlinks.

Our site is the perfect resource for consumers seeking unbiased direct source news, journalists, news bloggers and students seeking content for publishing or research.

USPress.News does NOT publish any original content.  All articles are aggregated from outside direct news sources.  We continue to discover new direct news sources to provide you with more content for your reading pleasure or for access to content for publishing purposes.

USPress.News is owned by STL.News, LLC.  We use the site to monitor and manage content for publishing purposes on STL.News.

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