USPress.News is a website that aggregates press releases published by U.S., state, and foreign government agencies, military branches, commissions and associations relating to political environments and publicly traded companies.

Our website creates an easy approach to obtaining reliable news/content that is available in one place.  These press releases are perfect to republish on news sites/blogs for content or just news junkies.

USPress.News offers the following benefits:

  • Direct Source News – we do not rewrite the press releases.  They are published on USPress.News in their original format without creating any bias.  News as it was released and as it was intended.
  • Comprehensive & Reliable News – we aggregate news from more than 500 federal and state U.S. and foreign government agencies, offices, committees and publicly traded companies.
  • Affordable News 
  • Timely News – using RSS Feeds, the news is published on USPress.News as soon as it is made publicly available to the public.
  • Work in Progress – we are constantly seeking new RSS feeds to add even more value to our affordable news service.
  • In summary; direct comprehensive news that is affordable, reliable and free of bias.

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