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Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Washington, D.C. provides vital assistance to US Marshals Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force during multi-agency operation

WASHINGTON, DC (STL.News) The Enforcement and Removal Operations Washington, D.C., provided essential support to the U.S. Marshals Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force during the first phase of a multiagency operation targeting cross-jurisdictional violence.  Operation Nazare Wave, which will continue throughout the summer, focuses on arresting violent offenders in Washington, D.C., and neighboring jurisdictions.

We are always thrilled to assist our partner law enforcement organizations to make safer neighborhoods for our residents,” said ERO Washington, D.C. Field Office Director Liana Castano.  “We bring a unique skill set to any task force on which we participate.  The officers of ERO Washington, D.C. are the best in the business at apprehending and removing egregious noncitizen offenders.”

The first phase of Nazare Wave commenced in mid-April and wrapped up on June 6.  Targeted actions resulted in the arrest of 264 fugitives, the recovery of 21 firearms, the seizure of 5.7 kilograms of narcotics, and the forfeiture of $254,890 in illicit U.S. currency.

“The men and women of the task force work tirelessly, sacrificing many nights and weekends, assisting our partners with the often-dangerous task of investigating and apprehending violent fugitives,” said Chief Inspector Don Snider, who commands the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force.  “Their dedication to the USMS mission, to the communities we serve, and the resulting positive impact of their efforts is immeasurable.”

Operation Nazare Wave will continue throughout the summer months and is being touted as one of many examples of the effectiveness of a well-supported multiagency fugitive task force.

“This operation provides another extraordinary example of how federal, state, and local partner law enforcement agencies can accomplish incredible things while working together,” Castano said.  “We all share the common goal of prioritizing public safety while providing the most secure environments for the people of our Washington, D.C. area communities.”

The Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force was formed in June 2004.  Spanning five federal districts and composed of a dedicated staff of U.S. Marshals Service criminal investigators and specially deputized task force officers, augmented by personnel from the District of Columbia, D.C. Superior Court, Eastern Virginia, Maryland, and Western Virginia, the task force is charged with enhancing public safety and reducing violent crime within the National Capital Region, greater D.C., Maryland, and Virginia communities through the investigation and apprehension of dangerous fugitives.  Working in close collaboration with the five district U.S. Marshals and local, state, and federal partners, task force personnel have had a substantial and significant impact since its inception 20 years ago.

“We can only have this level of high impact through the supportive leadership of our partners in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia,” Snider said.  “The commitment to safer communities is deeply apparent.  My sincere gratitude goes out to our U.S. Marshals, police chiefs, sheriffs, state police colonels, and federal agency leaders.  The CARFTF is the ultimate team environment, and I am grateful for the effective communication and collaboration that we experience across all our partnerships.”

CARFTF is a congressionally funded, multiagency task force whose mission is to focus resources and efforts on the reduction of violence within the National Capital Region through the identification, investigation and apprehension of fugitives wanted for egregious crimes against the community, while ensuring the application of equal justice, integrity and service for all.  Since June 2004, the task force has investigated and apprehended over 103,000 fugitives, including over 6,300 wanted for murder.

As one of ICE’s three operational directorates, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) is the principal federal law enforcement authority in charge of domestic immigration enforcement.  Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO’s) mission is to protect the homeland through the arrest and removal of those who undermine the safety of U.S. communities and the integrity of U.S. immigration laws, and its primary areas of focus are interior enforcement operations, management of the agency’s detained and non-detained populations, and repatriation of noncitizens who have received final orders of removal.  Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO’s) workforce consists of more than 7,700 law enforcement and non-law enforcement support personnel across 25 domestic field offices and 208 locations nationwide, 30 overseas postings, and multiple temporary duty travel assignments along the border.

In fiscal year 2023, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 73,822 noncitizens with criminal histories; this group had 290,178 associated charges and convictions, with an average of four per individual.  These included 33,209 assaults, 4,390 sex and sexual assaults, 7,520 weapons offenses, 1,713 charges or convictions for homicide, and 1,655 kidnapping offenses.

Members of the public can report crimes and suspicious activity by dialing 866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423) or completing the online tip form.


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