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A comprehensive collection of aggregated news content creating a great source for journalists, bloggers & news junkies making it a perfect solution for news publishers.

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USPress.News is the perfect content management platform for news publishers by aggregating news from more than 500 sources and provides more than 5,000 links to the top leading news sources from across the country.  Publishers, journalists, bloggers, or news junkies can visit one site and view thousands of news sources that are the direct source.  No media bias, just news as it was intended to be presented to the public.  Whether you use our feeds or links, our platform will save publishers a significant amount of time searching for quality content.  Recently, we published a press release on STL.News.  CLICK to read the press release.

Our Sitemap page list all of the resources available.  However, resources include:

Media News – Aggregated News from major media sources like CNN, FOX and more.

Blog Aggregator – Blog Directory – Subscription available for aggregating your news blog by our high ranking site.

Content is expensive to produce and increases liabilities due to the risk of publishing incorrect content.  USPress.News helps to reduce those risks.  Currently, a significant amount of this content is NOT widely distributed, which will help your articles rank high in search results.  Liability is reduced by publishing news provided by the source unless you rewrite the PR and change the meaning.  There are no license agreements to comply with as press releases are an invitation for the press to publish the news.

Our news sources are the same sources monitored by major media companies to discover news stories.  However, the content does not need to be changed unless the journalists have something of value to add to the information.

Our site was created for those that want timely news provided directly from the source rather than relying on the news media to decide what is “newsworthy” and how to present it to their audience.  Read the news and think for yourself rather than relying on those that their objective is to influence your opinion based on their own agendas.

There are much debate and concern about how news is presented and whether there are attempts to manipulate the information.  The answer is obvious!  Watch the two major news channels about the same news story, and you will see two polar opposite perceptions being presented to the public.  Is it manipulation or just different perspectives?

We aggregate news in our blog from hundreds (more than 500) of RSS feeds and offer thousands of direct source news links.

If we do not aggregate the source, it’s due to the source not providing a feed or a quality feed, but we provide easy access using hyperlinks to their news releases.  However, we are continually creating our own feeds or adding feeds to enhance our content.

Our site is the perfect resource for consumers, journalists, news bloggers, and students seeking information or content for publishing.

USPress.News does NOT publish original content. Most of our news stories are aggregated from outside direct news sources.  We continue to discover new direct news sources to provide you with more content for your reading pleasure or for access to content for publishing purposes.

If you are a government office, agency or commission, university or college, public traded company, or even a small municipality and would like for us to consider aggregating your content, please send an email to Marty@STLMedia.Agency.

USPress.News is owned by STL.News, LLC.  This site is used by us to monitor and manage content for publishing news on STL.News.

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