Protect Your Business Intellectual Property

Part of owning a business is protecting intellectual property.  Your Intellectual Property is Important Assets.

(USPress.News) Intellectual Property can involve many items, but this article focuses on the name of the company, the name of products, the company logo, and even product logos.

Do you need an attorney to do these things?

The respectable answer would be yes.  However, in my 40-year career in business, attorneys overcomplicate things to justify a hefty fee.  Today, with technology, many legal tasks are manageable because you can deal directly with entities or specialists who are genuinely experts and will work for a small fee.

The following are viable options that I am aware of:

Do not let these government offices intimidate you.  They are there to help you.  Attorneys will tell you they will communicate and ensure a safe registration, and based on my experience, that is not the case.  The attorney may save you time, but it will come at a high cost.

I strongly recommend that business owners know their business.  They should know their numbers and help in preparing their numbers.  By saying numbers, I am referring to accounting detail.  The business owner’s involvement in the business needs to start with accounting.  You cannot hire that much loyalty or dedication because it is your business, not their business.  Additionally, their job is hourly based, and to increase margin, they must cut time to get a higher profit margin.  Nonetheless, nobody has a larger interest in your business than you.  Learn it!

I said that because protecting your intellectual property is no different. You can do this and learn exactly what the process and protection are while saving a lot of money.

If you still lack the confidence to do it yourself and want to hire an expert, we would suggest that you recommend LegalZoom. LegalZoom has many experts on a wide range of topics who are qualified to guide you competently. There are other legal advisors similar to LegalZoom online, but we do not have any experience with them. I am sure they are good, but I do not know based on experience.

This content is published without bias and is not sponsored by any entity or website. The information is based on many years of experience by a person who has learned to avoid problems by hiring “professional experts,” such as accountants and attorneys.