Sasi Wholesale – To Provide Fry Oil Management Service

Sasi Wholesale - To Provide Fry Oil Management Service

Sasi Wholesale will provide Fry Oil Management Service to the St. Louis region.

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (USPress.News) Sasi Wholesale released a press release stating their plans to launch a used cooking oil recycling facility and service the St. Louis region.

Most restaurants sell their used cooking oil to UCO pickup services, but most will tell you that you had no oil, that it must have been stolen, or pay you a ridiculous price of 12 to .25 per pound.  Either way, it is not a profitable option for restaurants.

Sasi Wholesale offers cooking oil via these options:

  • Fry Cooking Oil Management Service
  • New Oil in 5-Gallon Tote in a Box
  • Used Cooking Oil (USO) Pickup or Drop Off

A new oil or used cooking oil drop-off service can be done through Sasi Thai Market at 1924 McKelvey Rd, Maryland Heights, MO.

The used cooking oil is used to do one of the following:

  1. Recycle it for future use.
  2. Sell it to biodiesel plants.
  3. Sell if on the commodities exchange.
Author: Martin Smith
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